Who We Serve

Our wide-ranging offering of services was designed to handle an array of wine transportation needs for either private collectors or those in industries that need to properly move wine.

With decades of experience on The Wine Mover team, we’ve handled every type of move imaginable for our clients. Whether it’s a private collector, moving and relocation companies, or our trade partners in the wine industry, there isn’t a shipment that we haven’t properly problem-solved. Regardless of the client we find the most cost-efficient way of transporting your collection, while ensuring that proper temperature-controlled conditions are the cornerstone of each shipment.

experience and care was notable

Bill Lewis San Francisco Bay Area Wine Collector

The Wine Mover did a great job moving my collection. Their handling of all aspects of the move, including logistics, organization, sorting and handling, was excellent. Their knowledge of the wines was important to the successful move and their experience and care was notable. They were responsive and easy to work with. I would highly recommend them.