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Moving & Relo Companies

If your client has a wine collection that needs relocating along with it household goods, you add on the complexity of having to relocate that collection in temperature-controlled conditions versus the other household goods. That can be a daunting challenge, from having to transport in different equipment to increased liability, to worrying about what additional permits may be needed. That is where The Wine Mover can step in for our moving and relocation partners, handle the temperature controlled shipment from door-to-door, and give a seamless look to your client while providing peace of mind to you that our specific expertise in moving wine collections will provide a positive experience for you and your clients.

Here are just a few of the reasons why we are consistently sought out by corporate relocation and moving companies to handle the wine shipment portion of a relocation project:

Industry-Leading Best Practices

The factors that go into moving wine safely is different than moving household goods. Because we only move wine, The Wine Mover understands that and implements best practices to safely relocate your client’s wine collection to its final destination by providing proper shipping supplies, packing and unpacking by wine professionals and temperature controlled equipment from door-to-door, all at a reasonable cost.


When moving a wine collection, there is inherently more risk and liability that a moving or relocation company assumes when it comes to properly handling, moving at the correct temperature and providing proper wine-related coverage to the client. The Wine Mover can take on that risk and liability for moving and relocation companies because we have experts and vehicles to properly handle and transport the collection in a temperature-controlled fashion. We have all the necessary permitting for the proper shipment of wine and we also provide specialty insurance coverage against breakage, and issues related to proper temperature control.

Wine-Industry Known

Because of our The Wine Mover’s attention to detail, communication and attention placed on each shipment we provide, we are chosen time and time again to move collections not only for the top private collectors around the world, but also by industry-leading fine wine retailers, wineries and international wine auction houses.

One, Experienced Point of Contact

Throughout the relocation process, you will have your own dedicated, wine knowledgeable point of contact throughout the relocation process. We will communicate with you every step of the way until the shipment has safely arrived at its final destination. Our goal is to provide our moving and relocation partners complete transparency so your clients will be assured of the safe transport of their collection.

The Best, Most Reliable Organization

Ashley Meeker Dir of Operations for Company Fine Wine

The Wine Mover is the best, most reliable organization when it comes to moving wine over any distance. They are always prompt, professional and work well under the most demanding circumstances. I readily recommend them to anyone looking to ensure safe and secure movement of their liquid assets.