wine moving

Packing & Care

We move wine all day, everyday. Therefore, we have the expertise to properly handle and care for your wine while it is in our custody, from the initial in-home pickup, to temperature-controlled transportation, to placement in your cellar or wine storage facility.

Packing & Unpacking

Are all your wines in racking in your home cellar or off-site wine storage facility and need to be packed into boxes? No problem. The Wine Mover will come to your home or your wine storage facility and carefully pack your wines for you. We will bring our boxes, which are specifically tailored for storage and shipping and pack them so they are safe and secure for shipment to your new location. During the delivery process, we can also unpack the wine for you and place it in the racking of your cellar. We can also remove all the boxes so you have a clean cellar and a ready-to-enjoy collection in your new location!

Protect Your Valuable Collection During Your Move

simply second-to-none

Dwayne Baharozian New England Wine Collector

I have been working with The Wine Mover for over two years now with regards to delivery of wine. I can unfailingly say that their level of customer service, competence, and professionalism are simply second-to-none. I feel very fortunate to have such an option and know that the wines that I am transporting are in such good hands. Kudos to TWM!