wine moving

Refrigerated Transport

Wine Moving is a specialized service. If you simply move your wine collection in an ambient moving van to your new location, the wine temperature change of only twenty degrees for a short period of time can alter the wines’ taste and flavor profile forever--which will certainly occur if moved in a non-temperature controlled fashion. Thus, ensuring constant ideal conditions during the transport of wine is paramount when transporting a wine collection. 


​The Wine Mover has therefore, built a best-in-class network of temperature-controlled vehicles across the U.S. and international wine-centric locations in the U.K., France and Hong Kong, so we can solve even the most complicated of moves in those areas.

​Typically most pickups that occur at the home or a storage facility will require smaller temperature-controlled vans or small trucks. For Interstate shipments, temp-controlled long-haul carriers perform the transfer to our final destination hub. Final local delivery, again, are typically handled by temperature-controlled vans or a small truck to navigate smaller roads, driveways and access points at wine storage facilities.

The Wine Mover’s temperature controlled supply-chain is unparalleled and provides our clients with a seamless and customized solution.

Protect Your Valuable Collection During Your Move

The move was flawless

Keith H. San Francisco Bay Area Wine Collector

I recently relocated from Florida to California. I had my 4000 bottle collection stored in three different storage facilities. My inventory was not current. I contracted with The Wine Mover to give me a proposal. They were very responsive and thorough in preparing the proposal. I developed a high degree of confidence in that process and contracted with them for the move. The move itself was flawless. They did precisely what they were hired to do, on time, and at the price agreed. The bottles all arrived in perfect condition. Should I relocate my collection again, I would certainly use The Wine Mover.