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Our Wine Moving Services

The Wine Mover offers a wide range of services designed to handle an array of wine transportation needs for either private collectors or those in industries that need to properly move wine.

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We offer inventory services to properly catalog your entire wine collection ahead of your move.

If you prefer to do this on your own, you can download our Wine Inventory Sheet to use if you do not have one. Some of our clients also find CellarTracker to be an excellent option for keeping an online inventory of their collection.

Packing & Unpacking

The Wine Mover can supply boxes and pack your collection for you. We are also able to unpack your collection at its final destination. 

Refrigerated Transport

We offer and coordinate door-to-door refrigerated transportation of your wine collection. Ensuring constant ideal conditions during the transport of wine is paramount when transporting a wine collection.

​The Wine Mover has built a best-in-class network of temperature-controlled vehicles across the U.S. and international wine-centric locations in the U.K., France and Hong Kong, so we can solve even the most complicated of moves in those areas.

​Typically most pickups that occur at the home or a storage facility will require smaller temperature-controlled vans or small trucks. For Interstate shipments, temp-controlled long-haul carriers perform the transfer to our final destination hub. Final local delivery, again, are typically handled by temperature-controlled vans or a small truck to navigate smaller roads, driveways and access points at wine storage facilities.

The Wine Mover’s temperature controlled logistics network is unparalleled and provides our clients with a seamless and customized solution.


We offer best-in-industry wine insurance coverage for your prized collections while in our care, which includes: 

  • Protection from breakage and mechanical issues resulting in temperature fluctuations
  • Cork push and seepage protection
  • No minimum value shipment
  • Instant coverage for 99% of wine collections

Who We Serve

Private Collectors

With decades of experience on The Wine Mover team, we’ve handled every type of move imaginable for the private collector. Whether it is a move across the country, into a permanent wine storage facility, or a temporary storage solution during an in-home cellar build, The Wine Mover will provide a customized, cost-effective transportation solution to fit your needs.

Wine Industry

The Wine Mover understands the transportation side of the industry from a multitude of angles. Whether it is a cross-country consignment move for an Auction House or Retailer, a pallet bound for the East Coast from a Napa Valley winery, or a temporary move to a storage facility for a cellar builder’s in-home project, there is very little we haven’t seen or done to support our friends in the wine industry. The Wine Mover provides customized wine transportation solutions for the following industry members:

Moving Companies

If your client has a wine collection that needs relocating along with it household goods, you add on the complexity of having to relocate that collection in temperature-controlled conditions versus the other household goods. That can be a daunting challenge, from having to transport in different equipment to increased liability, to worrying about what additional permits may be needed.

Why Customers Choose The Wine Mover

With decades of experience on The Wine Mover team, we’ve handled every type of move imaginable for our clients. Whether it’s a private collector, moving and relocation companies, or our trade partners in the wine industry, there isn’t a shipment that we haven’t properly problem-solved. Regardless of the client we find the most cost-efficient way of transporting your collection, while ensuring that proper temperature-controlled conditions are the cornerstone of each shipment.

Professional & Courteous

Attentive client managers to handle your initial quotes, arrange shipment pick up and ensure a safe and efficient delivery

Support At All Stages

Communicative staff to provide transparency of each shipment throughout the process from initial pickup to final delivery.

Highly Skilled Talent

Wine knowledgeable professionals that understand the nuances of moving wine collections throughout the world.

Timely Delivery

Efficient and customized shipping timelines to meet the needs for each customer’s prized wine collections.

Let’s Work Together

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