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Wine Moving Services for The Wine Industry

The Wine Mover understands the transportation side of the industry from a multitude of angles. Whether it is a cross-country consignment move for an Auction House or Retailer, a pallet bound for the East Coast from a Napa Valley winery, or a temporary move to a storage facility for a cellar builder’s in-home project, there is very little we haven’t seen or done to support our friends in the wine industry. The Wine Mover provides customized wine transportation solutions for the following industry members:

Auction Houses & Retailers

We understand the importance of wine logistics when running a successful auction and retail program. Getting consignments and cellar purchases in the door to be marketed to your buyers is key and we know the delicate balance of providing the best temp-controlled solutions at a reasonable cost but also taking into consideration the timing behind the shipment. We understand the time constraints and the ongoing consignment calendar behind a successful auction and retail program. Let us work with you on getting those safely in the door in the most efficient manner possible. Can’t send your own team out of specialists? No problem. Our team consists of only wine professional who know exactly how to safely handle, pack and care for fine wines can be your boots on the ground when needed.


We work with all sized wineries on their shipments. Whether it’s a large allocation that has to be shipped via temp-controlled conditions or a Napa Valley Auction lot winner that needs white-glove, residential delivery, we can solve any shipping problem that a winery may have, all using best-in-class temperature controlled solutions.

Wine Storage Facilities

We can assist wine storage facilities to provide their new or existing client’s white-glove, temperature-controlled transportation services directly to their storage space or locker. We can move wines from anywhere in the U.S., Hawaii and many international locations directly to your facility.

Wine Collection Managers

We work directly with wine collection management companies to ensure their clients are given VIP treatment. Whether it’s a temporary move to storage during a new cellar-build, a large auction purchase that needs to be shipped to their door, or international purchases that need to be imported from Old World regions, these are just a few examples of how we can complement any wine collection management suite of services.

Cellar Builders

During new cellar builds clients will often need to have their collection moved into temporary storage. We can complement our Cellar Builder partners services in offering packing, move-out and temporary storage during the build–anywhere in the U.S. Once completed, we can re-deliver, unpack and even inventory the collection for the client so they have a brand new cellar that is fully up to date. Let us be your logistics partner in each of your new cellar builds.


Often times, Importers may not have the network of temp-controlled solutions to best transport their wines to their private collector customers that are stateside. The Wine Mover can provide white-glove, residential delivery of your client’s Old World purchases anywhere in the United States.

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