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Got Wine to Ship: Here’s 7 Reasons to Try The Wine Mover

an elaborate, beautiful wine cellar, as shown in The Wine Mover’s blog post on wine moving services and wine shipping


For any move, you want to have experienced AND careful movers. For moving your wine, the level of experience and care should be even greater.

After 20+ years in the business of moving wine collections big and small, our team at The Wine Mover has completed  over 500+ successful moves.

Standard moving companies don’t cut it for moving wine – with lack of temperature control, lack of knowledge about the particulars for packaging and handling wine, and lack of dedicated service rooted in the wine industry, it’s uncertain whether your collection will be preserved from Point A to Point B.

Among other wine moving services out there, none have the combination of best-in-class temperature controlled vehicles, tailored and devoted customer service, and deep knowledge of wine logistics that The Wine Mover proudly offers across the globe.

Here’s 7 specific reasons why we’re the premier option for moving wine:

Veterans of Wine Industry Logistics

two men around a table laden with wine bottles, as shown in The Wine Mover’s blog post on wine moving services and wine shipping


We are long-time veterans of the wine industry – specifically in the storage, logistics, and transportation.

Years of interacting with clientele have equipped us with a deep appreciation of the art of wine, as well as expert knowledge about the art of transporting it.

With our experience comes the ability to troubleshoot issues efficiently, from resolving shipping issues, addressing quality concerns, to suggesting alternatives for every situation that may arise – as every collection is unique, and deserves a custom treatment.

Unlike other wine shipping or general shipping companies, we have a genuine passion for wine, paired with all the practical expertise of handling collections of all sizes.

We share in each client’s enthusiasm in a way that connects us more closely to the collection at hand, and take pride in caring for each bottle as if they are our own.

Seamless, Convenient, & Efficient Wine Shipping Process

successively bigger sizes of wine bottles on a wooden tabletop, , as shown in The Wine Mover’s blog post on wine moving services and wine shipping


At The Wine Mover, we turn complexity into simplicity, offering a sophisticated solution for your wine moving needs though an easy, five-step process:

  1. Quote: Request a personalized quote tailored to the details of your collection and move.
  2. Proposal: Review a detailed proposal outlining our services, fit for your unique situation.
  3. Pickup: Our experts handle the delicate process of inventory, packing and prepping.
  4. Transportation: Enjoy secure, temperature-controlled, and efficient transit for your wine.
  5. Delivery: Receive your wine at its destination with precision and care.

Customer service is our number one priority, and we offer constant support and updates as needed throughout the process.

More than any other moving service, we pride ourselves on connecting with our clients, ensuring optimal efficiency and personalized service.

Meticulous and Discreet Wine Inventory Management

the wall of a wine cellar framed by an Ionic pillar, as shown in The Wine Mover’s blog post on wine moving services and wine shipping


Detail-oriented is our middle name. When it comes to your wine, meticulous inventory tracking is vital while the collection is in transit, making sure all is streamlined along the way, as well as accounted for at the end of the line.

Knowing the exact quantity and value of the collection also allows for precise planning, ensuring the implementation of appropriate packaging, handling, and transportation methods.

This is particularly crucial for long-distance or international shipments where factors like customs regulations and transit times must be closely considered.

With a clear understanding of the collection’s contents, we are then able to safeguard it with utter discretion – we, and only we, know every detail of your treasures.

Best-in-Class Network of Temperature-Controlled Vehicles for Safe Wine Storage

a moving truck, as shown in The Wine Mover’s blog post on wine moving services and wine shipping, especially with a refrigerated moving truck


Extreme temperatures, such as blistering heat or freezing cold, as well as simple temperature fluctuations, are often present in traditional moving trucks. Any of these conditions can  irreversibly damage wine through internal spoilage, oxidation, and damage to cork integrity.

Maintaining a consistent temperature during transportation is absolutely necessary to preserve the delicate balance of elements that make up each wine’s uniqueness.

We pride ourselves on using a  fleet of state-of-the-art, temperature-regulated vehicles – few other wine shipping services do, and none know their fleet as closely as we do.

White Glove Packing – and Unpacking

old, dusty bottles of Chablis, as shown in The Wine Mover’s blog post on wine moving services and wine shipping

From beginning to end, we care for your wine as if it’s our own painstakingly curated store of liquid treasure.

We are trained to pack wine with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that bottles are securely cushioned and protected from potential shocks and vibrations during transport.

We also have custom shipping boxes and packing materials available, specifically suited to the care of moving wine.

Our practices are unmatched to prevent breakage or other quality-degrading factors, preserving your wine’s taste and aroma.


wine spilling out of a wine glass, as shown in The Wine Mover’s blog post on wine moving services and wine shipping


Transporting a wine collection involves inherent risks, and though an incident is unlikely, it is always possible.

Wine insurance is vital as a monetary and psychological safeguard for your wine, mitigating all losses that may occur in transit.

Though it could never replace the emotional and personal value of a specific bottle lost, insurance allows you to recoup the monetary value of damaged or lost bottles, allowing for new beginnings, a reinvestment in the collection.

Our customized coverage addresses specific risks associated with your journey and collection, making the process of wine transportation even more secure – one size does not fit all when it comes to both logistics and coverage for your wine, and we ensure a tailored solution for your specific needs.

Perhaps most importantly, insurance offers peace of mind. Knowing that your investment, your passion, is protected significantly decreases the natural stress of a move. It allows you to focus on just enjoying your collection, and on simply getting yourself from point A to point B, rather than worrying about potential risks of handling an entire wine collection during transit.

Peace of Mind for Transport

moving boxes and flower arrangements, as shown in The Wine Mover’s blog post on wine moving services and wine shipping

Peace of mind extends beyond insurance for unlikely losses or damage to your collection. Our team takes the arduous process of moving your wine collection completely off of your plate

But we aren’t just some folks with refrigerated trucks who realized that moving wine is a need for people, and made it a business.

Moving wine is our abiding passion. Caring for the collected artistry of our clients is our mission. Providing you ease and peace of mind for the part of your move that is the most logistically complex, stressful, and precious is our joy.

With constant support and tracking of your wine, we are a source of serenity for wine collectors embarking on a journey with their wine in careful tow.

Moving Your Wine Soon? Let The Wine Mover Handle the Process for You

a massive wall of wine in a wine storage facility, as shown in The Wine Mover’s blog post on wine moving services and wine shipping

At the Wine Mover, our team is experienced within the wine industry for any type of wine relocation – whether it’s 20 or 2,000 cases. We offer distinct, and distinctive, services for:

Moves are stressful – remove the stress about the part most dear to you – your wine – by requesting a quote today!

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